Analyzing Violence Aggression in Ice Hockey Players

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Running head: Violence Aggression: Ice Hockey Violence Aggression: Ice Hockey Abstract In the arena of sports today there is a continuous subject in every sport hostility and violence. Aggression can be revealed in a lot of dissimilar methods in sports. In baseball hostility can be chucking a pitch inside to a player or gliding into second base and captivating the other basemen. In basketball it can be a foul that is hard and shoving someone to the ground. And in NASCAR it can be somewhat as little at bouncing another vehicle at a race track. Over the past few years aggression and violence in sports is growing bigger and bigger. It seems like you can not go a week or two without the news talking about a fight or argument that has occurred at a sporting event between a couple of players or teams. Violence Aggression: Ice Hockey Introduction For as long as hockey has been in existence, it has always been a violent sport ; the sport is full of body checks, being knocked from behind, sometimes the misappropriation of the hockey stick, and even horrible fights. Now all off these are considered satisfactory by hockey admirers to a certain extent. When a player on the team starts to swings his stick at the opposite team and injury occurs to the opposite player the ringleader can normally expect to be disciplined for a time that is short, and at times they are even suspended from the team for a while. But then again when does this violent action on the ice start to become

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