Analyzing Women in Abusive Relationships

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With women, abuse in a prior relationship can lead to difficulty committing to someone in a new relationship. Abuse can also develop trust issues. This not only negatively affects relationships in regards to dating people, but friendships and relationships with family members, and other people. Thankfully there are many resources for males and females to use if they’ve been abused in a relationship. However, if one has developed trust issues, it may also be difficult for them to open up not only to people who they’ve had prior relationships with of different types, but also new people. Sending someone for counseling that was in an abusive relationship can only help if the person who was abused is willing to open up to the counselor. A person who was abused may not be willing to speak about how they were abused because they are embarrassed or scared. Many other factors can lead to one not wanting to open up. One can be impacted physically from an emotional relationship in many negative ways. Bruises, cuts, and broken bones are all common from physical abuse. Males and females who were abused sexually may experience pain during sexual intercourse in the area of their genitals. Some people who are abused use things such as alcohol, drugs, or tobacco to help them cope. All of these choices can negatively impact one’s physical state. Medical conditions such as heart disease can be brought on from physical abuse in the…
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