Analyzing a Major Issue, Domestic Violence as an Whole Essay

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Assignment 2: Analyzing a Major Issue, Domestic Violence as an Whole
Jessica Coleman
Professor Jacquot
PSY 110

Although there are now laws against domestic violence, the issue still seems to be present in the 21st century. Once given an blind eye to is existence for decades people are now forced to face the fact that domestic violence is an major issue no matter when and where it may occur. In this essay I will be addressing the issues of:
What is has been done to try and stop this violence and help the victims involved?
What psychological issues that may fuel the particular act of violence?
What challenges that law enforcement agencies and victims face pertaining to domestic violence and how might these challenges be
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This act addresses the restraint put on battered individuals looking for work and support due to their domestic violence circumstances. This amendment give each state a loop hole to “temporarily exempt identified victims of domestic violence from meeting certain time limits and other work requirements.”
( These acts as also helped to lead the way for “Congress to pass a law making it a federal crime for people convicted of domestic violence to own a gun (18 U.S.C. 922(g)(9)), hoping to reduce the injuries that repeat domestic violence offenders might inflict. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law in the case of United States v. Hayes (2009), ruling that the law applied to any conviction based on an act of domestic violence, even if a defendant was not convicted explicitly of the crime of domestic violence.”( Domestic violence according to our Psychology 110 textbook (Franzoi, 2009) could be linked to self-regulation failure (P. 66), ambivalent sexism behavior (P. 213), and aggression associated cues (P.441) experienced in the home. Self-regulation failure seems to become present in any situation where one spouse or the other is putting aside his/her wants to do what is considered important to the relationship, this kind of sacrifice sometimes only back fires later. Any minor incident or disagreement could cause
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