Analyzing a Professional Dilemma and Conflict of Values

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Analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict During my last job, I began to hear rumors about one of my subordinates. At first, there were hints that RW was using his position for personal gain in the jokes and side comments I overheard. I usually do not pay attention to rumors, but I did remember them when one of my subordinates talked to be formally about the matter. He said that RW was abusing the company reimbursement policy, and I should be aware of this behavior. I thanked him for coming forward, but immediately I was presented with a dilemma. Should I investigate the matter or not? I had no evidence at this point, other than word of mouth. I was also aware that RW and this man had personality conflicts in the past, so I was not sure if the allegations were personally- motivated. I decided to look over the facts, hoping that the 'facts would not lie.' Quickly, I saw that there were unusually high expenses that RW had billed to the company and almost all of them were Amex gift cards. RW's way of getting extra 'bonuses' from the company became clear. RW would buy an Amex gift card, which could be used anywhere, to purchase virtually anything, and then bill the Amex gift card as a business expense. At first, he did this with relatively small sums, but gradually he became bolder and bolder and began to charge larger sums of money to the company. I was devastated to learn this. Moreover, as I was RW's supervisor I had a responsibility to report what I had
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