Analyzing an Organization

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The Organization Introduction Organizations can comprise of a sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporation. For this assignment, the reference is to the complex network of a corporation, Starbucks Coffee Company. It might not be realized but their system is dependent heavily on a system of computers and telecommunications, with the human-resource managers delegated with powers to formulate strategies for recruiting people who can take fast and accurate decisions leading to employee commitment, cost-effectiveness and the ultimate profitability of the organization. Such corporations are normally categorized into three organizational configurations - the functional, divisional, matrix, federations and networks. Corporations are headed by a chairman or a CEO, followed by a chain of command that is manifested in the organizational chart of the corporation (Alan, 2007). Job Analysis The criticality of job analysis in organizational success is a crucial function for human resource management and is a disciplined process of assimilating information pertaining to the functional aspects of a job. The information thus collected helps the human resources department to upload data on the factors relating to, a) time for the job, b) details of tasks under one job, c) restructuring job content for extracting the maximum potential of an employee, d) behavioral pattern of the employee and e) an assessment of the attitude and aptitude required from a candidate for the job on
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