Analyzing and Interpreting Data: Ballard Integrated Managed Services

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Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Ballard Integrated Managed Services (BIMS) conducted an internal survey for 440 employees, excluding top management, asking 10 questions on morale and four questions on demographics. BIMS upper management noticed a change in staff morale and an increase in the staff turnover rate, which initiated the survey. Barbara Tucker, General Manager, wants to discover what is making employees want to leave and has enlisted the help of Debbie Horner. Debbie Horner, human resources manager for Ballard, created an internal survey in hopes to calculate descriptive and frequency techniques, and study the data for possible relationships. A total of 78 responses were returned, which is a 17.3% response rate (University
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The percentage rates of non- responsive employees in this question were .05. Management should encourage the supervisor’s to treat employees fairly and equally. The higher supervisors should read the survey conducted and learn how to manage the time spent with each employee to boost fairness. This will allow the supervisors to learn more about the employees individually and treat each one as an individual. Question #9 of the survey asked employees how good BIMS is at communicating. The survey shows a negative overall result in the amount of employees feeling the company lacked communication at thirty-two percent. The results of the survey shows employees did not chose number five, very positive, regarding the communication within the company. The average amount of employees feeling the company lacked communication was a twenty-four percent. From the results of this survey, BIMS management needs to look at the way managers are communicating with their staff. It is recommended for BIMS departments to hold weekly staff meetings to encourage communication within departments. This question should be revisited once measures are put in place to increase better communication within the company.
Question #10 of the employee survey asks the employees if they do not fear losing their jobs. The collected data suggests that at least half of employees do fear their jobs are in jeopardy, rating either a 1 or a 2 on the survey. In fact 50%

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