Analyzing and Justifiying Communication Benefits of Using an iPad

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Written and Spoken Communication by iPad Analyzing and justifying communication benefits with iPad Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Written and Spoken Communication by iPad 4 Introduction 4 What is iPad? 4 Communicating with iPad 5 Personal Communication through iPad 5 Professional communication through iPad: 6 The advantages of iPad in Communication 6 Dictation Feature and Commanding Requests 6 Helping Children 7 Business Customer Service Providers 7 Translating Messages 8 Analysis 8 Comparing Growth of iPad with Other Systems 8 Growth Rate Chart 9 Conclusion and Recommendations 10 References: 11 Executive Summary The report is about how can iPad help in verbal and written communication. The write-up starts with the introduction which briefly explains the question, by dividing it into two significant topics. Then the most important discussion that is the usage of iPad in this platform is discussed briefly without pointing specific apps so that the discussion remains general. In the next section some facts which are helping hands for specific professions or special types of people, are discussed and justified that how it helps communication to be effective for them. A general comparison of iPad with SBU of Apple, i.e. iPhone is done which gives fairly clear idea about the capabilities of iPad. In the concluding part, certain useful recommendations have been given to keep the communication with iPad more effective. Written

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