Analyzing the 2012 American Presidential Election

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2012 American Presidential Election Name Institutional Affiliation Date: 2012 American Presidential Election The 2012 American presidential election was a hot contested match between Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama. The two candidates had different stands on a number of issues such as education, taxes, economy, healthcare and many more. The Economy This was the major issue during this presidential campaign. It was so easy for the electorate to understand issues pertaining to economic conditions. This included the performance of stock market, job creation, and unemployment. Meaningful improvements in the economic state of the country would have plunged president Obama to lose the contest. The electorate cast their votes with great consideration of issues such as healthcare and the economy. In my view, economic condition played an integral role in casting votes for their head of state (Erickson & Wlezien, 2012). After an extensive research, the economy was the main issue of campaign because of the following reasons: A healthy economy: this is a recipe for curing any country prone to recession. Failure in economic recovery means that citizens will depend excessively on support from the government for healthcare. However, if the economy recovers, it would mean that more people can use their own means to fulfill their health needs by minimal assistance from the government and health insurance for the old, poor and disabled (Schantz, 2010). Defense budget:
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