Essay about Analyzing the Apple Cooperation

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Section 1: Executive Summary Since 1976 Apple’s innovation has helped the company become a market leader in computer and mobile electronics. Through this time the company has faced a number of challenges either it be an internal power struggles or criticism from the media for certain aspects of their business model. This report covers five different issues that the company is facing or may face in the future. The findings include information on the weakness and strengths that Apple has developed. It strengths are in the way the company has structured their suppliers through creating the code of conduct which must be followed by all suppliers. The supplier code of conduct has helped many workers to gain fair pay and better working…show more content…
In conclusion Apple has become a successful company over the past thirty-five years, and may continue to do so in the future is certain aspects of the organization became more flexible. Section 2: Introduction The purpose of this report is to give an analysis of the major issues that Apple Inc is facing or may face in the future. It includes an overview of the company in terms of external and internal issues and later gives recommendations on how certain issues can be resolved or prevented. The report first gives a brief explanation on the methodology that has been used and is followed by the main findings from the research. The findings include a description of the issue as well as each issue being analyzed through one of the six perspectives. It later follows conclusions about Apple and leads to recommendations that can be followed up to fix certain issues. Apple Inc. is a software and electronics manufacture that was established in 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The first computers the company manufactured were aimed at computer hobbyists, while they worked on making their computer simpler for the non-computer users. They later succeeded in creating the Apple II model which would become one of the most popular computers in the through
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