Analyzing the Demand to Lower the Drinking Age to 18

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Analyzing the Push to Lower the Drinking Age to 18 Introduction According to Andrew Mark Lisa in the preface to his online petition to see the national drinking age limit lowered, it is not only young people but also colleges across America who are interested in promoting legislation that will lower the drinking age. Lisa references a Time magazine article, which quotes Dartmouth College President James Wright as stating that a lowered age limit would help prevent alcohol abuse because campuses would be better enabled to monitor drinking activities which could be conducted on the level rather than underground (where students do their drinking in private and without regulation). After all, in the 1970s a number of states actually lowered the drinking age for a few years until the Federal government stepped in and threatened to deny the states federal money for highways and the drinking age was once again placed at 21. This paper will show why there is still a push to lower the drinking age to 18, and why some people promote it and why others oppose it. Drinking and MADD The push to engage people in the debate concerning the lowering of the drinking age has even been noted recently on such cable news networks as CNN. CNN reported that "the presidents of about 100 colleges and universities say current alcohol laws may actually encourage binge drinking on campuses" ("Should U.S. Lower Drinking Age?"). It seems the only opposition, according to CNN, comes from
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