Analyzing the Design of an Organization

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Analyze the design of your organization 1) Describe the internal and external factors that have defined and shaped your organization in terms of its size, organizational structure, and processes Researchers are concerned with the configuration, size, and the structure of organizations, and other being centralization and these have been the subject of many researches. (Business Process Excellence, 2009) Yet because of the vast permutation and combinations there is no universal model developed that can be used for all firms. Therefore the firm under study is unique in its own way and has a decentralized structure with its benefits and shortcomings. The software company is a small unit that has selected clients for the cloud computing and RISK server services that it offers. It supports the cloud with a variety of programs both created in house and also outsourced from countries like India. The customers are hospitals and emergency services and some network companies and also webinar hosts and users. The staffs are spread over vast geographical areas and are online workers except for the company staff who manage the day to day operation and also accounts and other technical things required from the office. The internal factors are that the company must not be centred at one location because worldwide operations are necessary. The management has accepted and created a Divisional Structure as the functional system for the company because the organization is split up into a
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