Analyzing the Differences in Marketing Definitions

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Analyzing The Differences In Marketing Definitions
Marketing has historically been defined by the four foundational elements of place or distribution, promotion, pricing and product. These four aspects of marketing have served the definition of this strategic area of business well over the last several decades marketing has existed as a discipline in business. Yet over time the 4Ps of marketing have given way to a more dynamic approach to creating and sustaining relationships with customers. The onslaught and en masse adoption of social media and social networks have led to an increasingly vocal and assertive customer base across both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplaces (Bernoff, Li, 2008). The 4 Ps are not agile and flexible enough to manage the many differences in customer relationships, the development of loyalty, and the mercurial change in how customers choose to learn and buy that has been accelerated by social networks. The greatest challenge for marketers today is to move beyond the relatively fixed and rigid of marketing from the past and embrace the future. The intent of this analysis is to compare two definitions of marketing from peer-reviewed research in addition to providing a personal definition. The critically important aspect of marketing from an organizational success standpoint is discussed as well, with three separate examples provided to further provide insight and illustration of how critical marketing is to

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