Analyzing the Economic Development of France

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France has a high level of economic development. The CIA World Factbook (2012) characterizes the French economy as "transitioning from an economy that featured extensive government ownership and intervention to one that relies more on market mechanisms" but cautions that the effects of the Eurozone crisis are dampening progress of the French economy. France has a GDP of $2.2 trillion, making it the 9th-largest economy in the world. The GDP per capita is around $35,000, which ranks 35th in the world, comparable with Japan and the United Kingdom, but trailing several other major industrialized nations including the US. France has a strong industrial sector but today is largely a 21st-century service economy. The degree of economic development is a strong influence on the decision to enter a country in the first place, and on the way that the product is marketed once market entry has occurred. EduTot should focus international expansion on nations that have a high degree of market potential. This means that the nation should have a relatively large population, and a relatively high level of national income. French citizens can generally afford to provide supplementary educational products and services for their children, which makes France a viable target market for EduTot's international expansion. In addition, French citizens are oriented towards making investments in their children's education, because such investments will pay off in the future. This is because the French

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