Analyzing the Fiscal Budget of the City of Ukiah and California City

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This paper will analyse the 2013/14 Fiscal budgets the City of Ukiah and California City. I will attempt to examine the similarities and differences of both these cites revenue and expenditure line items in their budgets. The cities are similar in that they generate revenue from many of the same resources and they have similar expenditures in their annual fiscal budget. However, the cities budgets strategies are different because both these cities demographics, social, economic, political platform, and historical characteristics guide both cities elected official’s decisions during the budget process.
California City was incorporated on December 8, 1965 (City of California, 2013). Before the City was incorporated, it was transformed from a vast area of natural desert and farmland open space, into a new kind of living environment. In 1776, the first explorers in the City of California were Paiute Indians under leadership of Father Francisco Grarces. During this time, the Conquistadores are believed to have hired Paiute Indians to help conduct mining operations in the territory.
At the end of the century, sheep farming began at the Conklin Ranch, and today, this ranch is located in the central portion of the City. Later, in the 1900s, the city was ineffective in its attempt to manufacture cotton and grow alfalfa. In 1958, private land development activities begun when a group of developers started purchasing land in the eastern portion of the city. By the

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