Analyzing the Importance of Race in Brentwood, California

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Brentwood, California - a city where race is no longer important (or is it?) There is presently much controversy regarding race and whether or not it still represents a motive for discrimination in the contemporary society. Even though conditions have advanced greatly in the Californian Brentwood community when concerning race issues, one is still likely to feel the tension arising as a result of discrimination on account of color in particular groups. While white people represent the largest part of Brentwood's public, other races have experienced a notable increase in members during the recent years, making it possible for most of the city to host a multicultural environment. The fact that Brentwood is a racially diverse city provides locals with understanding regarding individuals belonging to other races and with a general environment where race is one of the principal motives for which crimes happen. When considering crime rates in the city of Brentwood, one is likely to conclude that conditions are not critical and that it is a relatively peaceful settlement. However, the fact that the city contains a lot of tension as a consequence of racial issues makes it difficult for particular racial groups to avoid being discriminated. The predominantly white population of the city is at times inclined to employ prejudice as it deals with members belonging to other racial groups. Brentwood was apparently a liberal area where people did not judge others on account of

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