Analyzing the Management of ABC Software Company

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Analysis of Management of ABC Software Company Introduction ABC Software Company is a leading company in the software industry and deals with manufacture of a wide range of computing products. These include various computer programs and internet services. It has various departments which are headed by departmental managers. The ABC Company has registered tremendous growth over the last few years as people are computerizing their operations since computers have been seen to increase efficiency and rapidity in production. Just like any company, a software company requires a sound management system and this can only be achieved through frequent analysis which helps in identifying areas where the management may be failing and coming up with corrective action ADDIN EN.CITE Caiden200085(Caiden, 2000)85856Caiden, G. E.Administrative reform comes of age2000BerlinW. de Gruyter( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Caiden, 2000 #85" Caiden, 2000). In this paper the feedback of the management practice of ABC Software Company will be analyzed and an action plan devised to rectify areas where the management needs improvements. Feedback on Managerial Practice As has already been stated, the ABC company deals with the manufacture and licensing of a variety of computer software. It also has a separate department that deals with offering of internet services. Besides the sale of computer software, the company also manufactures mobile phones personal computer and iPod. It has retail and online
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