Analyzing the Marketing Environment

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W1A3 Analyzing the Marketing Environment Ronald D. Rooker Sr May 8, 2013 Introduction to Marketing | MKT2010 Instructor: Thomas Harper South University Online One of the current most talked about microenvironments is technology. The rapid changes in the world of technology as we know it keeps people guessing and waiting for the next new breakthroughs. In the auto market with gasoline, prices increasing almost by the minute smaller more fuel-efficient cars are in. In the world of communication, new high tech phones and data devices are what sell’s. The faster the device is or the larger the screen and more compact it is the faster people buy them. With today’s changes in technology, the sky is…show more content…
With any new product sold to the public trial and error will prove its reliability. If a new product or improvement to a specific car fails or causes the driver or its passenger to get hurt due to this failure. The rest of the automotive world will take note and take the necessary steps to change or repair the system that may be at fault if there, system works in the same fashion via the recall process. Once all of the changes are, made and the car is deemed, safe again. We may see a new automaker at the next years auto show featuring their new product with these improvements for this system. Thus, creating a new product that can be, marketed to the consumers may like the new changes. This type of market impact on a device of this nature may put hands free devices in cars back on the good list with those opponents of this sort of tech. As innovation changes new things are, learned each day. Change is a relevant fact and as the changers of innovation, we determine what changes we will use. Reference Staff, T. W. (2010, 10 18). The Week. Retrieved 5 7, 2013, from
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