Analyzing the Pattern of a Consumer's Personal Behavior

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Portfolio Project: Personal Behavior Consumer Patterns Introduction A consumer, purchases various goods to satisfy their needs, and some considerations influence them to select a specific product or shop in preference to others. Therefore, consumer purchasing is complex, and there is a likelihood that physiological, psychological and sociological factors highly influence consumer purchasing. In addition, people hold beliefs and attitudes towards particular types of goods, brands of commodities and outlets based on their experiences. In case of a need, a consumer can discover new products capable of satisfying their needs; however, before selecting a commodity, the commodity must successfully compete against alternatives in the market (Jedi et al., 2013). Into the bargain, an individual requires sufficient information in regard to the sources of the commodities before doing the selection. Consumer behavior is the forceful interaction of affect and cognition, behavior and environmental situations, by which human beings execute the exchange factors of their lives. Researchers suggest that individual consumers develop self-concepts and lifestyles based on various internal and external influences. In addition, the concepts and lifestyles generate needs and desires, which require consumption decisions to satisfy. When an individual consumer encounters relevant cases, the consumer decision process adjusts accordingly (Jedi et. al., 2013). In turn, the process and experiences
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