Analyzing the Quick Success behind Dividend Premiums

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Dividend Premiums Research Objective Firms that pay consistent dividends have performed respectively well in the market during the course of the last few years; especially in industries that are considered consumer staples. It is likely that much of this trend can be explained by market uncertainty as well as historically low interest rates that have driven down returns on bonds and CDS. This research will analyze the attractiveness of these investments from different angles to provide insights into why investors are flocking to companies that pay consistent dividends. Introduction In this section we will provide an overview of the dividend paying firms that will be analyzed in the research. Information will be introduced regarding such factors as the average return that these companies are paying and what other investments are offering investors. Dividend Paying Firms in Respect to Other Popular Investments This section will compare dividends paying firms to stocks, bonds, certificates, etc. to try to understand why the popularity of these investments has spiked significantly in the last few years. Dividend Top Performing Industries This section will look at the different industries in which firms who are offering solid dividends increasing in value are operating in. The article mentions industries such as telecoms, pharmaceuticals, and power generation but other similar industries will also be identified. Dividend Weaker Performing Industries

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