Analyzing the Saving Nature of Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ is a mystery. Understanding the entire teachings of the Christian faith requires a tolerant attitude and a open mind. To many followers, faith in the ability of Jesus to save and redeem is very important and offers a means to escape the evils of the world. The purpose of this essay is to examine the saving nature of Jesus Christ. This essay will examine key concepts related to saving grace such as atonement, reconciliation and the theological aspects associated with this concept. The essay will attempt to describe Jesus' saving nature as an inspired quality that rests within each individual while simultaneously expressing the divinity of existence and life. Jesus as Savior The name "Jesus" means in the Hebrew language "God Saves." This translation must be kept in mind as we continue to explore faith. It is imperative that those who have discovered Jesus have done so to save themselves. Jesus is not a pop star or any other type of entertainment figure, rather Jesus is a technology that can help the individual reach some sort of balance in a world where evil is allowed to exist and flourish. Johnson explained some important factors regarding Jesus' earthly nature. This interpretation suggested that prayer and faith lead to earthly understanding and manifestations. She argued that " For someone later revered as a spiritual savior, Jesus' ministry showed a profound connection with bodiliness and the earth. Preached within a farming culture, his parables are

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