Analyzing the Science

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ANALYZING THE SCIENCE INTERPRETATION 1. Identify the people with the highest and lowest levels of mercury and DDT. -PD has the highest level of DDT and AS has the lowest level of DDT. Mercury highest level is DH, and lowest level is DA. 2. Compare the levels of mercury and DDT in each study participant to the national median. Which study participants have levels of DDT and mercury that are at least twice the national median? -AR and PD are twice the national median in DDT. Also DH, BF and KB are all twice the national median of Mercury. 3. The EPA “safe dose” for mercury is 1,100 ppb (parts per billion) for women in their child-bearing years, as mercury levels above this value may impair neurological development in the fetus. Which…show more content…
Does it have a clear and transparent agenda? -Yes this is a reliable information source and it does have a clear and transparent agenda. a. Who runs this website? Do the credentials of the organization running the site make the information presented reliable or unreliable? Explain. -The Environmental Working Group runs this website which consists on board members and many others conducting the experiments. The credentials of the organization running the site make the information presented reliable. This is because most or all of the board members are experts and also the information is very reliable with several different resources the back the evidence found. b. What is the mission of this website? What are its underlying values? How do you know this? -The mission of the Environmental Working Group is to use the power of information to protect human health and the environment. Their underlying value is to make up for the lack of responsibility by the government. c. What data sources does EWG rely on and what methodology does the organization employ in constructing its databases? Are the sources EWG uses reliable? -The sources that EWG relies on labels and websites of nearly 60 toxicity and regulatory databases. This data is also contained from retailers, manufacturers, exc. The EWG sources would be considered reliable, because they are coming from the main source (manufacturers). d. Identify a claim made on this website. Is there sufficient evidence
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