Analyzing the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry and Various E-Marketing Efforts

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Executive Summary This E-Marketing Plan has been designed for K&K Recycling Services. K&K Recycling Services is a small company that has limited resources but realizes the potential and importance of having a sound E-Marketing strategy. Key issues facing the company involve its limited marketing efforts. K&K Recycling Services has a very limited marketing budget that is primarily used for direct sales. Lacking innovation and failure to adopt modern business models may very well hinder K&K Recycling Services’ profitability and growth. K&K Recycling Services, along with its top three competitors in the industry use basic E-Marketing strategies such as a company website and Search Engine Optimization via Google. While K&K…show more content…
Internal Analysis Current Marketing Practices K&K Recycling Services’ current marketing practices include the following: Product: K&K Recycling Services operates a large fleet of luggers, rolloffs and tractors along with hundreds of containers and trailers. Equipped with loaders, bailers, excavators and graders, K&K Recycling Services is able to efficiently process and sort materials in order to satisfy the desire of mills, foundries and smelters to obtain a high quality recycled product. Price: Price fluctuates depending on the client’s needs and the scope of the work. Place: The firm currently operates in the Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Eastern United States. Promotion: K&K Recycling Services’ marketing efforts entail face-to-face direct sales, which involve entertaining clients and prospects as well as sponsoring local sports teams and charities. The only other promotions that K&K offers consist of a $5/per Net Ton discount to the Steel Mills for paying their invoices within 15 days (Sweeney). Aside from this, they do not offer any other types of promotions on its products and services. E-marketing efforts Operating in a very traditional industry largely dependent on face-to-face

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