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Analyzing the Healthcare Policy Strayer University Dr. Angela Smith Analyzing the Healthcare Policy Summary When healthcare is the topic of discussion, there are many pros and cons dealing with this controversial factor. Healthcare is solely government controlled, although significantly opinionated individuals of higher power and status play a major role in the decision making aspect, in regards to healthcare. Influence is essential to many authoritative figures to base and make their judgments/ decisions. A plan for better healthcare was exercised by both President Clinton and President Obama; nevertheless, due to a lack of support (influence) both plans for healthcare suffered. However, the…show more content…
Unofficial Actor: The Role and Function that It Plays The unofficial actor for healthcare was the media. The media played a major role that educated and influenced the U.S. citizens about the new healthcare act known as the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act. According to Pew Research Center Publications, “Healthcare coverage was the No. 1 story in the mainstream press from June 2009 through March 2010.”(pg.1, 2012) It became a big topic for many talk shows and news segments. Pew Research Center Publications also stated, “Opponents of health care legislation won the message war. A Nexis search of key terms in the health care debate finds that opponents ' terms appeared almost twice as often (about 18,000 times) as supporters ' top terms (about 11,000). In short, the opponents ' attacks on government-run healthcare resonated more widely than the supporters ' attacks on the insurance industry.” (pg.1, 2012) Even if the message about healthcare was positive or negative, the topic of healthcare was still relevant and helped influence many Americans in different ways. Interest Groups: The Role and Function that It Plays There are many interest groups that supported the new healthcare policy. One main interest group is known as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). According to an electronic website, Health Care Reform.Org, “President Obama announced a landmark agreement between the Senate Finance Committee and
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