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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Introduction ANANDA KRISHNAN PROFILE AND BACKGROUND 3 - 8 MAXIS COMMUNICATION COMPANY PROFILE 9 - 12 ASTRO COMPANY PROFILE 13 - 20 STYLE OF LEADERSHIP 21 - 24 LEADERSHIP THEORY ADAPTATION 25 Conclusion 26 References 27 (a) Background of the leader: the aim of this section is to know and understand the leader as a person and the bases for his/her success. The data and information should be taken from any published sources such as newspapers, company reports, magazines, journals, books etc. INTRODUCTION ANANDA KRISHNAN Who is Ananda Krishnan? According to a report then by Bernama News Agency, the grandfathers of Tan Sri T. Ananda Krishnan and Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam…show more content…
“Ananda Krishnan has been called everything from a recluse to a humble, silent worker. Not much is known about him and his tightly guarded private life because he maintains such a low profile,” Wikepedia said. He is known to be apolitical but also a close friend of both Dr. Mahathir and Mahathir's former arch-foe Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He brokered the peace deal and healed the political rift between them a few years ago. KLCC Tower Despite his wealth he still maintains and stays in his family's Minangkabau styled mansion in Kuala Lumpur. He was one of the first tycoons to own a Dassault Falcon private jet. (b) Background of the organisation: Provide information that could help readers understand more about the organisation and the evidences of the success (the reasons can be in terms of market growth, company’s profits, employees’ job satisfaction, employees’ job productivity etc). MAXIS COMMUNICATION Maxis Communications Bhd | | Type | Private | Founded | established 1993, publicly listed 2002 | Headquarters | Maxis Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Industry | Telecommunication | Products | Telecommunication services Wireless/Mobile services | Revenue | 6.37 billion MYR (2005) | Employees | 2200+ | Parent | Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd | Maxis Communications Berhad is a leading mobile phone service provider in Malaysia. It was started in the year 1995. It uses the dialling prefix identifier of "012" , "017" and “0142”. Their mobile services are

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