Anarchism In The 2016 Election

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The 2016 presidential election is one of the most important and controversial elections in living memory. Republican? Democrat? The country seems to be almost evenly divided on political, moral, and economic problems facing the United States and the world. Trump, Clinton, and the other candidates are working to inspire the American People to vote to “grow stronger together” or “to make America great again”. Numerous citizens of the country have announced that they are leaving the country if the candidate that they dislike wins the presidential election. Many people are turning these dark days into a game- who will vote which candidate. When driving, working, and even reading some people have been playing an almost perpetual game of Guess Who…show more content…
Dillard’s mom seems to be a very sporadic person. She would whisper “Terwilliger bunts one,” at any random chance she got. That minor fact may seem trivial however it is a personality trait. A sporadic tendency who would prefer a sporadic presidents. Another clue is “she resumed her career of anarchism,” (page 105). Anarchism is the resistance to government or codes of behavior that limit individual liberty, is a very crucial and controversial topic of the 2016 presidential election. In the 2016 article, Donald Trump, Anarchist in Chief? the political analyst A.B Stoddard says “Trump is no longer just undermining our system but openly attacking it. Republican Party officials and leaders supporting him have been silent in the face of his accusations.” Just like the definition of anarchist, Donald Trump is resisting the “mainstream” political views for a more “politically incorrect” stance. Yet another bit of inkling that might give homage to who she would vote for is when she took time out of her schedule at the Highland Park Zoo to terrorize a young couple. She enjoys being different and daring. Along with being different and daring, she is also decisive. She makes split second decisions, the outcomes will be just that-outcomes. Hillary Clinton’s moves are calculated and direct, she never does anything that has not gone through her panel of advisors. Trump…show more content…
She enjoys the idea of being different, “She herself held many unpopular, even fantastic, positions,” (page 107) and “did you consult this ‘everyone’ before making your decision?” (page 107).. She also believed that everyone, no matter how small a task from steelworkers and coal miners to the oldest families in the finest hidden homes all had a task in moving America forward. Each person and career was just as important as the next. “Mother” also loved opposition, the thrill of a verbal debate kept her moving forward, “Opposition emboldened Mother,” (page 107). Dillard’s mother also stood up for the wrong doings happening in our society and in the historical archives of civilization. She believed in the importance and power of making a stand. She also believes in the importance of making a political stand, even if it breaks her current
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