Anarchy Or Mob Rule : American Political And Social Life

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Anarchy or Mob Rule There is no disputing the Puritans influence on the molding of our modern day ‘American Political’ and ‘Social Life’. Their ideologies and teachings have left a lasting impression on the American political and social landscapes. Like other Puritan leaders, Winthrop found his guiding principles in the Scriptures and in the teachings of Puritanism. But with the decline of the Puritan state, Americans began to find their guiding principles elsewhere: in egalitarianism, in radical individualism, and in capitalism. Yet the Puritan principles of hard work, independence, and moral strength, shown by men like John Winthrop, survived the passing of the New England way. Such ideals were major forces in shaping the American Revolution and in the growth of the new nation. Today they remain dominant elements in the cultural heritage of the American people.
The Beginning For us to understand how our country was fundamentally shaped we must do an inventory of the factors that have developed and influenced our ‘American Way of Life’. Above all, the role of the Puritans is instrumental and cannot be understated. “Yet important as Puritanism has undoubtedly been in shaping the nation, it is more easily described than defined” ) I agree with the author’s interpretation, it is more of symbolism rather than being clearly structured. Winthrop was well educated and came from a family with considerable means. He was indoctrinated into the Puritan’s religious teachings at a

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