Anasazi Ppaer Essay

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Anasazi 1.The Anasazi is also refer to as the “Ancient pueblo” The Anasazi rock art Was painted on a rock or was pecked into the rock surface no one knows if this was a language or a way to communicate to others secretly or perhaps it could have been art. Anasazi pottery They are said to be the best potters that have ever existed They made very unique pottery • Based on Earley and Wheeler, chapters 15-18 and Appendix 3, • o Summarize evangelism in the early church. o How did Jesus approach evangelism? o How did the disciples approach evangelism? • What do you see in today's local church that is similar or different from the early church? Evangelism in the early church is very different from evangelism today.…show more content…
Jesus also points out the sin she has committed and instructs her to submit her life and worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, and then finally introduces Himself to her. Also Jesus by washing the feet of His disciples shows how He becomes a servant and show the love he has for them, in the same manner the most effective type of evangelism is love, compassion and serving like Jesus. At first the failed to approach evangelism the correct way. The disciples fail to prioritize evangelism and they overlook the woman or see her spiritual needs. They fail to realize the spiritual harvest ripe before them (John 4:35) they weren't able to see how big the harvest could be, but instead not knowingly they try to distract Jesus by telling Him to eat. Evangelism in the early church is different then evangelism in the church today. Today some churches do not even share the truth but only talk about money and how to make the church bigger. Some churches do not share the whole true and are not bold like the early church because they are afraid that they will lose members because of the truth. Also in some churches there is a lot of division. In the early church like stated earlier, they were unified and helped each other out. Now there is a lot of gossip and others try to excel above others in the church. Jesus is our best example and we must love Him above all things and love others as He loves us, always being filled with the Holy
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