Anatomical Science Personal Statement

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Enclosed please find my application for Anatomy Instructor at Jacobs School of Medicine and Anatomical Science. I feel confident that I would be an ideal addition to the teaching faculty at the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, as you will observe that my experiences, researches and future plans are highly compatible with a number of your current faculty members. Moreover, I am presently enrolled in masters in Anatomical Science program, which further polished my teaching skills by incorporating a thesis project, graduate course-work, a teaching practicum, anatomical specimen preparation and dissection techniques. My colleagues and I are presented with a number of far-ranging opportunities from learning how to use an electron…show more content…
I blended my lectures with multiple tools of teaching to clarify the complex concept and make lecture enjoyable. Besides enjoying the activities in my lectures, the students appreciate my pneumonic and jokes for memorizing anatomy terminologies. We further got an opportunity to start dissection from embalming a cadaver to prepare it for prosection. As a part of practicum I prepared museum standard molded and jar specimens. Advanced histology course got accomplished by taking pictures of H&E and Masson’s Trichrome slides we made, along with images from Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM). I evaluated a multidisciplinary graduate program which exposed me to the teaching styles of multiple faculties including, medicine, nursing, policy studies, law and business, further provide me with skills to evaluate the success of any program I am teaching. While working with Enrichment Study Unit (ESU), Queen’s University, I along with my colleagues developed quality curriculum, organized activities and instructed to…show more content…
Now, I have gained competencies to manage and educate learner’s belonging to multiple age groups and cultures, from multidisciplinary professionals to primary school
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