Anatomy And Anatomy Of Anatomy

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The lights in the ER blink as the storm rages on outside. I snap back from the sadness of the weather to the job at hand. I rush to the ER to see my patient has broken bones, a punctured lung, and a laceration along his calf. There’s so much blood everywhere, coming from every open wound on his body. His muscles torn apart and his heart pounding trying to stay alive. Now was my chance everything I learned about anatomy could help me in this moment. No more time to be wasted I go into the room with anatomy deep in my veins. The knowledge of anatomy helps in the saving of lives, but we didn’t always have this information. Anatomy has a history, however, how did it all begin, and who brought the knowledge of human anatomy to us. To understand where it all began we have to journey back to 300 BC in the ancient city of Alexandria where we meet Herophilus. For him, it wasn’t easy to study human anatomy because there was a ban on dissections in Alexandria. However once that ban was lifted Herophilus was the first person in Greece to publicly dissect both human cadavers and animals. Herophilus was then deemed the father of anatomy and with more studying on the brain he learned that it was the center of the nervous system. Before his time though there was the father of medicine or Hippocrates. Hippocrates was one of the greatest physicians of his time, and also brought the world of anatomy the Hippocratic oath. Now back to today we’ve advanced further in the knowledge of anatomy and

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