Anatomy And Physiology Class Analysis

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Anatomy and Physiology is a class that I feel will help with my body and how it works. This class can help me in many different ways but, specifically it could help me in 3 ways. Specifically this class can help me with diet, how to gain muscle, and how our organs work. Diet and muscle gain is something that i've struggled with and this class can give me knowledge on how to improve that. Our organs is something i find interesting because our body relies on them to do simple things in life. My diet most of my life has been pretty poor, i like to eat a lot of greasy and sugary food that doesn't help my body at all. With this class i would like to learn how these bad foods negatively affect my body. Also i would like to learn the risks and diseases a poor diet can get me. I would like to improve my diet and see how that positively affects me now and when i get older. With diet and the things I eat, i would like to learn what to look out for in foods that hurt my body.…show more content…
I know with gaining muscle you must make healthy eating decisions and exercise, but i would like to know specifically what to eat and exercise. I want to know what types of exercise i should do, how long i should do them, and when i should rest for my body to repair. Being unhealthy brings bad complications with your health, i want to improve my overall lifestyle so i can be healthy and live longer. I want my body to one day be in its peak physical condition ad with the knowledge i get from this class hopefully one day i'll get
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