Anatomy And Physiology

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Explain what is meant by anatomy and physiology
Anatomy is the branch of biology which describes the structure of the body and the relationship of one part to another.
Physiology is the study of how each part functions. Outline the components of the circulatory system, including blood

The essential components of the circulatory system are, the heart, blood and blood vessels, it is means by which food and oxygen are carried around the body, it includes the pulmonary circulation, the blood travels through the lungs where blood is oxygenated, and the systematic circulation, through the rest of the body to provide oxygenated blood. (Wikipedia
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The heart has valves to prevent blood from flowing backs into the heart, there are two types of valves, 1. the atrioventricular valves called the tricuspid valve and the mitral valve or bicuspid valve.
2. The semilunar valves, the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve.
The SA node sets the pace of the heart, the AV node picks up the signal from the SA node and send it to the AV bundle (bundle of his). The AV bundle is a strand of that runs through the septum and into the interventricular septum, it splits into the left and right branches in the interventricular septum until they reach the apex of the heart.
Branching off to the left and the right bundle branches are many of the purkinje fibers that Carry the signal to the walls of the ventricles, causing the cardiac muscle to contract (systole) and relax (diastole) to pump the blood out of the heart. (Inner body
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