Anatomy And Physiology : Thyroid Cancer

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THYROID CANCER 1 Thyroid Cancer Nicholas M. Madathilate Anatomy and Physiology, Period 6 Pine View School 16 December 2014 THYROID CANCER 2 What is thyroid cancer, and is it dangerous? To answer this one must first know the function of the thyroid. A thyroid is a gland at the front of the neck right under the sound box, which secretes hormones that affect heart rate, body temperature and weight. It also makes calcitonin, which keeps a healthy level of calcium in the body. Thyroids are made up of tissue, when the cells that make up the tissue of the thyroid gland start to form unnecessarily, and cells that are damaged are not killed, tumors called nodules form on the thyroid thus resulting in cancer. Around 45,000 women and 15,000 men were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013 alone, most of whom were above the age of 45. However getting thyroid cancer is not the worst thing in the world as it is treatable but there should still be more investment and research put into this disease so that less risky methods of taking out the cancer can be found. Many people are diagnosed with cancer each year. It is a rare malignancy however it is the most common endocrine cancer (Pacini 2006, p. 787). Thyroid cancer is a cancer that is prevalent in women who seem to have three times as much of a chance as

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