Anatomy Physiology Lab Report: The Permeability of Cell Transport Mechanisms

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Cell transport mechanisms permeability BIOL 2401- C5L Ruben Ramirez Due Date B. Abstract The human body is made up of numerous cells that undergo various internal processes. These processes play a critical role in maintain the body in its perfect wellness and health. Some of these processes are basic as they involve the simplest molecules they enhance body development by creating and repairing body tissues and organs. Simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport, osmosis, and filtration are key processes that enhance body performance. Studying these processes has contributed in understanding how the body communicates and works internally. Basic experiments have been done to illustrate these procedures as part of the biological curriculum. Such practical lessons are fundamental in learning biological sciences, which are significant in day-to-day life C. Introduction Anatomy and physiology refer to the study of the functioning of body systems. Comprehensive study in this field entails a complete understanding of the body mechanisms and processes that help in development and healthy living. It refers to studying the functions of various body parts, organs and systems individually and collectively. The study entails on the relationship between one body organs to another (Alters, 2000). Background The body undergoes various processes every moment to ensure that it operates normally and within its expected limits. The human body is made is a

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