Essay on Anatomy: What´s the Labrum?

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The Labrum (Shoulder & Hip)
A labrum is a type of cartilage found in both the shoulder joint and in- between the pelvis and the femur (Shoulder: Torn Labrum, Palo Alto Medical Foundation).
The labrum has two basic functions that take place in both the hip and the shoulder. The first function of the labrum is to excavate the socket so that the ball stays secure. Ligaments are small structures that keep the ball in the socket; these are the harnesses that reach and attach each of the bones. These small structures hold the bones closer together. The other way the ball is kept inside and attached to the socket is the labrum. The labrum is a thick tissue or type of cartilage that is attached to the rim of the socket and essentially forms a cushion of comfort in between the two bones. This is what then deepens the socket and helps keep the ball in place (Shoulder Joint Tear - Glenoid Labrum Tear, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons).
Sometimes, in individuals where the labrum is too small, torn due to an injury, or from excessive use, the ball may slide part or all the way out of the socket. In this case, it would be a shoulder dislocation. The labrum goes all the way around the socket and in most areas is firmly and tightly attached to the bone inside the socket. In some areas the labrum is not tightly attached, and only recently have doctors pin pointed which parts are normal and which parts are a direct reflect tearing of the labrum (A Patients Guide to Labral Tears,…

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