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Skin Avulsion By Georgina Katoa Florence Duting When the skin’s top layers are torn apart, a proper term used is known as ‘Skin Avulsion’. Older people are more prone to this type of injury, because with age, their skin becomes vulnerable and weak (“Skin Tear”, 2013). In relation to the injury shown, this essay will cover the following topics. Foremost, it will examine the type of injury that has occurred. It will then outline its effects and will discuss effective…show more content…
Older people are more prone to having this kind of injury, because with age, bones become weak and will therefore lose their ability to withstand pressure (Krotz, 2005). In relation to the injury shown, this essay will discuss its effects on the body; as well as its treatment and expected healing process. The 52 year old male, has an injury to the tibia known as a ‘compound fracture’. It is where the broken end of the bone, has torn through soft tissues and skin, leaving behind an open wound (Cluett, 2004). The primary organ systems which are mainly affected includes the skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular as well as the lymphatic. According to Browner, Pollack & Gupton (2002) having an open fracture, will lead to huge amounts of blood loss; and will also mean becoming susceptible to infections. Moreover, Nall (2012) explains that if the body has a lack of sufficient blood supply, many organs will fail. In this case, Browner et al.

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