Anatomy and physiology: Phagocytosis

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Anatomy and physiology II Victoria Garcia December 2, 2012 Phagocytosis The coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and the restless nights is a place where we have all been quite a few times; and sometimes it feels like it could be for the last time. What people don’t think about is why all this is happening to them. Little do we know our cells are undergoing just as much trouble as we are; a lot more goes on in the microscopic world than people think. Elie Mitchnikoff could tell you all about this. He was a biologist who was best known for the pioneering in the research of the immune system. In 1882 Elie mitchnikoff won the Noble Prize in Medicine for his work on phagocytosis when experimenting on larvae in starfish. Phagocytes are…show more content…
There are five steps in phagocytosis: chemotaxis, adherence, ingestion, digestion, and destroying. The first step is chemotaxis. This draws phagocytes to the place of damage by a chemical movement. These chemicals that draw the phagocytes can come from the pathogens, white blood cells, or damaged tissue cells. The second step is adherence. This is the attachment of the phagocyte to the foreign substance. The third step then ingests the foreign substance with hand like psuedopods that engulf it. It does this by fusing together the psuedopods and surrounding the organism with a sac called the phagosome. This is like a vesicle that contains the foreign particle that needs to get rid of. Afterwards digestion occurs; the phagosome then enters the cytoplasm and combines with lysosomes. This is where chemicals are released such as lysozmes, enzymes, and oxidants which break down the microbes cell walls. Then occurs destroying, which is the very last step. Any other materials that can’t be tarnished any further are called residual bodies and then exit the phagocyte. Phagocytosis also plays an important role in adaptive immunity as well. Anatomy and physiology is very important to my career. My short term goal is to become accepted into San Jacintos RN program in which I will be in for two years. I will obtain my associates of applied science

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