Anatomy of a Family Law Case

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Anatomy of a Family Law Case Introduction The legal aspect of the law is a creation of the society that is meant to regulate and control the activities and relations of people. Law creates a guideline of how to do every activity without causing infringements to the other persons. Therefore, just as all other societal institutions, the family setting are incorporated in the law. What is a family? The family setting is one of the oldest institutions in the world. From the time of creation, to date, it has existed firm within the society. It has hence come to be referred to as the cornerstone of society. In definition, there are several factors that are considered to constitute a family. It is defined as a social group within a society that consists of one or two parents with children (Stacey, 2011). These individuals share a common ancestry. Additionally, it can also be used to portray people who have common goals and values and have long term commitment to each other, and they reside in the same dwelling. What constitutes a marriage? Marriage is a social practice that existed long before legal creations and stipulations of what a marriage is was established. This is obvious as even before the religious books and the legal institutions were established, people used to live and have children. This process was not done without plans, but rather within a setting that created a sense of responsibility. However, a marriage today is defined as a consensual and contractual
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