Essay on Anaylsis of To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

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This poem has been written in the form of a request to the poet's coy (or shy) mistress, the grant his desire for them to make love. He argues that for to delay makes no sense because 'at my back I always hear/time's winged chariot hurrying along near'. Much of his argument is made through a series of hyperbole (h-p rb-l) A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton. Here he is describing how slow they could move to consummate their love if there were no pressure of time. As all Cavalier poets, he supports the statement of "carpe diem", or "seize the day", that is an extension to the Renaissance code of chivalry.

Today, the speaker's speech may seem
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He directs a monologue to a desired lady in order to make her be not as "coy" and give away her virginity. It is actually devised from three logically flowing arguments showing the philosophy of most seventeenth century people. The first argument the speaker presents (lines 1-20) carries the purpose of misleading the lady by showing her the image of what would have been if all time lay before them. It starts with a hidden quatrain holding the argument's main idea that "had [they] but world enough, and time, this coyness lady were no crime" (1-2). He promises her slow and efficient enjoyment of their relationship given not only to sex but also to constant feelings. Actually, he even refers to the "conversion of the Jews" (10) to transfer some sense of purity and innocence to his intentions as well as to show the vastness of time. The image of time, actually, is central in this first part of the poem. It seems infinite because huge distances present it - from "the Indian Ganges' side"(5) to "Humber" (7). The alliteration of the "l" letter (in the phrase "long love's "(4)) also contributes to the sense of vastness and slowness of time. To make his argument even more sound, the speaker gives even the exact number of years he plans to spend for adoring his lady. But in this way he really puts a limitation to eternity.

His emotions he compares to "empires"(12) that are the symbol
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