Anaylsis of a Dinner and Production

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Because there was no program or playbill to accompany this production, there was no way to know the names of the actors or actresses. The best character within the show was Sheriff Dooley Neal. Neal was a young man who had been brought into the city by Mayor Timothy O’Reilly, a corrupt politician who is willing to acquire money by any means necessary. Neal believed that he was getting the job of his lifetime, until O’Reilly puts him in the middle of a feud between two singing and dancing families: the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Throughout the production, he was constantly being tricked into being in the middle of the feud and getting in trouble for things that were not necessarily his fault. There were a few malfunctions with the props during the production, however. For example, there was a scene in which Neal had to shoot his gun and break a window in a barn. He made the shooting motion, but the sound of the shot had not appeared until about one minute had passed. He and the Mayor, the only other person in the scene, had burst out in laughter but improvised the entire scene. Their laughter made it clear that it was not supposed to happen like that, but they attempted to play it off in such a way that it seemed like it was a perfectly normal mishap. Minutes later, they regained their composure and continued onto the next scene. Another great character in the dinner show was Ma McCoy, the matriarch of the McCoy family. She had a few hilarious lines that were meant to insult

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