Anaylsis of the chicken ceremony Essay

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Is the Chicken Ceremony a superstition, or is it a supper? Why are chickens important in the Village Valle del Sole? The Village Valle del Sole is located in one of the most isolated parts in Italy, so people living there are easily influenced by the lore that is going around the whole village. For example, throughout the novel, it is shown how important the chicken symbolises to people “He had a fight with his neighbor about a chicken. His neighbor came over with a shotgun, they started shouting and screaming, and pom! the next thing you know, his hand is gone” (Ricci 20) . From this incident, it can be deduced that even an animal such as a chicken could be considered precious due to their superstitions during that era.…show more content…
Why Vittorio would make up a charm in the middle of the chicken ceremony? Not only that this proof shows that Vittorio is superstitious, but that he has the imagination of chanting these words to increase the mood of the ceremony. Last but not least is Vittorio’s lucky coin. When the flames from the chicken starts to grow, he “had taken my lucky coin from my pocket now and was rubbing it furiously, hoping to calm the spirits” (Ricci 119). The lucky coin that Vittorio has is a symbol of life since actually before it saved Luciano’s life, so he thought that it would be good to be given Vittorio since he will take care of it. On the other hand, when Cristina was found in the barn by Vittorio, she had already chop off the head of the chicken with blood staining in her hands, this doesn’t necessary mean that Cristina is performing the chicken ceremony since the process requires “ [...] cut out the heart to put in your soup later […]” (Ricci 54) and when Vittorio carries out the ceremony secretly by himself, he found out later that “I had forgotten to cut out the chicken’s heart” (Ricci 120) . This shows evidence that Cristina is not necessarily performing the chicken ceremony in the barn to turn it into an offering for God, but maybe she is doing it to 3 make soup. It is proven that in the book when Vittorio is

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