Ancestry: The TV Show Who Do You Think You Are

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During the visit to, I learned about their extensive consumer base. Ancestry operates in over 30 countries and has 1400 worldwide workers. With 20 Billion records from around the world, Ancestry has grown significantly since its beginning. There are 2 million digital records received every day, and 10 million people are added per day to the family trees. In addition, there are 75 million searches that occur each day as well. Overall, Ancestry has 10 petabytes of data which has resulted in the development of 80 million family trees. The TV show “Who Do You Think You Are” is largely accredited to boosting the popularity of Ancestry, especially with many celebrities like Lisa Kudrow participating. The show is going on 12 seasons in the UK, and thus, Ancestry has marketed very effectively to increase. Other media that has given the company lots of attention was the Momondo video. Essentially, this video started with 67 people who took a DNA test to figure out how diverse they are. Ancestry can match people across 26 ethnic regions and ethnicities to determine Many of the results shocked people, and one woman even found that she had a cousin in the room who also did the DNA test. In fact,…show more content…
This essentially narrows down where someone is from based on cluster analysis. Clustering can show the journey overtime of where the cluster originated from and where they travelled to. The examples given in the presentation were the Mormon cluster and the Icelandic cluster. Ancestry’s normal product allows for cousin matching up to 4 to 6 generations and also an ethnicity estimate. With the new element of genetic communities, people will be able to have a more concrete location of their heritage. Ancestry made it clear that privacy is important to their business, and that the way in which all the DNA is stored is secure. People do have the option to delete their DNA if they
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