Ancien Régime Essay

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Ancien Régime Before the French Revolution, France had a societal, economic, and political structure; this referring to the ancien régime. The regime precisely was France’s legislative body meaning it was the Estates General. The Estates were important social divisions in the culture of ancient France. Just like a pyramid, it manages people’s placement, indicating in what estate you belonged based in due to your total sum of wealth, social status and quality of life. Of course, at the top of the pyramid was King Louis XVI, the absolute monarch; but then again, the Estates General had three major divisions: 1. First Estate: The Principal Bequest was comprised by the ministry. These were individuals who worked for the church including…show more content…
The king thought of this cautiously coming up with the final idea that each individual Estate would count as one vote. Obviously, the First and Second Estate agreed, but the Third did not like this since their vote would always be outnumbered by the two other Estates. They wanted their vote to be based on the number of all of their members. Eventually, after arguing over how they would vote in favor, a few days later they finally took matters into their own hands, they began to gather and welcome individuals from alternate Estates to join and go along with them. Henceforth, on June 17, 1789, they declared themselves “The National Assembly” confirming the newly independent Estate. Though they believed they found their solution, King Louis XVI did not ignore the reunion or the actions the National Assembly did. Consequently, he requested the building where the meeting was held to come to a close, but the meeting never came to an end. The National Assembly found an inside tennis court room that was more than enough to continue their rally. Gathered they took and oath, promising they won’t disband their conference until the king renamed them as an official government body. Soon this association took a strong-willed control over
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