Ancient Americans Essay

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Some of the tribes from Shem were also descendants of the German people. The tribes from Shem migrated to Northern Europe, Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hebrews descended from Eber who was a great grandson of Shem.
The tribes from Ham were able to adapt to any conditions wherever they settled. Ham’s tribes were easy to trace in history. They were known as the great pioneers. Many of the early civilizations were originally from the family of Ham. They were the first to occupy many lands and later on other tribes settled permanently in those lands.

The ancient people were considered barbarians, uncivilized, sub-human and illiterate. Nothing could be further from the truth. I strongly disagree with their war like manner and how they
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This script dates back to the Middle Bronze Age which would be approximately 2500 BC. They have not ascertained if this was an example of proto-writing (symbols) or if it is actual writing of the syllabic type. It has been suggested this might be a mature style of writing. Historians learned about the early Chinese Shang Dynasty from 1200 BC from the written documents on bones, bronze or turtle shells. A stone slab, with 3,000 BC year old writing, was discovered in the Mexican State of Veracruz. This would be the oldest script in the Western Hemisphere. The Phoenician alphabet is basically the proto-Canaanite alphabet from the Iron Age (1050 BC). The Greeks borrowed the Phoenician alphabet and adapted it to their own language. The tribe known as Latin (Romans) adopted writing from the Etruscans (tribe from Tiras, son of Japheth) and the Western Greeks in the fifth century. The first pure alphabet with single symbols emerged around 1800 BC in ancient Egypt. Semitic workers in Egypt developed this alphabet as a representation of language. Historians make a distinction between prehistory and the history of early writing, but have disagreed if proto-writing is considered true writing. Papyrus (reed) was the principle writing
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