Ancient And Medieval Civilizations

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Baron Bray-Sackey
SAGE 230: Ancient and Medieval Civilizations
Dr Reynolds

Throughout the SAGE 230 course many question have been raised on the human condition such as; What it means to live just and good? How do we best order relationships for the common good? What do we know and how do we know it? these themes have been recurrent in the stories of Gilgamesh, the Bible, Plato’s Cave and the Oedipus Trilogy. Further analysis has shown that to live a just and good life is to first gain knowledge and understand what it means to be good and just. Putting yourself first enables you to help others and lastly we are only able to really know what we experience and study. Furthermore these are great takeaways that can be personalized to improve our daily condition.
To live a just and good life in this sense is to have a system of moral values that you follow and accept but is socially approved and accepted by others. However the just and good life is a complex that plagues human nature because on one hand we strive to live in a way that is morally right and socially approved on the other hand we have to balance self sacrifice and determine what we value to be good because what is good to one person may not be good to another. In this vein of thinking Plato would say a just life refers to a person who possesses a good character and a sense of responsibility almost to the point of subservience moreover has reached the peak of knowledge and understanding because it is
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