Ancient And Medieval World Of Eurasia

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As a species, human existence on earth has been defined by its location of inhabitancy. Those who resided in remote locations developed a distinct and unique culture defining their civilization. While those who developed in close proximity to one another usually developed a similar culture. In the case of Eurasia, Europeans and Asians, divided by a geographic expanse, developed their own discrete cultures. However, as these civilizations began to explore and expand, they developed communication routes that eventually evolved into trade routes. As a result of the establishment of these land and sea trade routes, began a cultural exchange between the east and west through the diffusion of goods, technology, medicine, and religion.
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All of which were interconnected through the network of caravan routes, trading posts, and trails of which defined the Silk Road and the maritime routes that outlined the Spice Routes. The trade connection between China and the Roman Empire began when Romans became infatuated with the exotic Chinese Silk around the 1st century BCE. Its popularity in the Roman world was associated with the upper-class as it was seen as a royal fabric. The Romans also used it as a source of revenue within the empire. The Romans also received grain, vegetables, tools, artwork, stones, animal hides, fruit, and woodwork. In return, China received glass, which is confirmed in the Hou Hanshu, gold embroidered rugs and cloth, which were considered more of a novelty item than practical wear, and other precious stones and metals including jade, coral, silver, and gold (Thorley 1971, 75-76). The trade between these two empires increased rapidly when Augustus was at the head of the Roman Empire during a prosperous and peaceful time (Thorley 1971, 71). During this period of peace and prosperity, the Roman Empire expanded it trade relations all the way down to the subcontinent of India. This was achieved through overland caravan routes across Asia Minor and maritime routes via the Arabian Gulf. India actually served as the middle man of commerce between the Far East and West as China would trade Indians silk for jade, silver, and gold and consequently
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