Ancient Architecture : Luxor Temple And Saint Peter 's Basilica

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Luxor Temple and Saint Peter’s Basilica

The two pieces of art that I have chosen to compare are The Luxor Temple located in Luxor, Egypt and Saint Peter’s Basilica located within Vatican City of Rome, Italy. The ancient design has fostered some of its styles and characteristics into future generations, and also upheld the mysteries of phenomenal architecture over the centuries. I believe the Luxor Temple and Saint Peter’s Basilica are good pieces for comparison. The details and the architectural features between both of these great Arts show ingenuity, symmetry, geometry and balance from two very diverse time periods. The aspects of their values, religious beliefs, culture, and mythology play key roles in the beliefs of both timepieces of Art. The architectural medium is not only impressive, but it is captivating to the eye as well. One can only marvel at the unique wonders of ancient civilization.
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II. Analysis of Artwork # 1 The Luxor Temple location is in Luxor, Egypt. This architectural structure is…
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