Ancient Babylonia

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When studying Ancient Babylonia it is notably important to look at these factors: daily life, religion, people, society, government and economy so we can determine the development of the civilization and how it is similar to the way we live today. The Babylonian Empire is unique because their government was run by a law known as the Code of Hammurabi similarly are government is run by numerous laws. Their knowledge of science and astrology is intriguing due to the fact that they were the first civilization to form the basis of the sixteen month of thirty days calendar, their discovery of the calendar lend us to the calendars we have today. In addition to government, science and astrology their economy was very modern and played an immense…show more content…
They also had a list of magical stones to develop their knowledge of mineralogy. Map mating was a very known science to the Babylonians most of them were experienced in it which made them more aware of there surrounding. Babylonians drew maps of local areas such as field plans, estates plans, grounds plants of temples and houses as well as maps of more distant regions such as larger areas: districts and towns. Their maps were drawn mostly in straight lines, with little attention to scale, angles and orientation. Most of the sciences they began to study and explore are the same sciences that we are going into today. The Babylonians have built the foundation for us and we used that and are building the rest. <br><br>Mathematics was just as important to the Babylonian as it is to us. They however calculated things entirely different from us. A prime example of this is their number system which had two disadvantages: (1) it was confusing and, therefore, not used in many daily economic activities (2) there was no special sign for zero, to separate the different units, so they would leave two blank spaces for zero or by using a special sign that indicated a space between two words. Babylonian mathematicians developed a mastery of algebraic skill, even though there was no graphic symbol for the unknown. Instead they invented a method called false value. Babylonians also
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