Ancient Chin The Chinese Had Entered The Bronze Age

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Ancient China In 2000 BC. the chinese had entered the bronze age. In 1800 BC. the Shang dynasty conquered all of china and from this point on china was measured through dynasties. In 700 BC. chinese metal workers began to craft iron tools and weapons. This is one of the many things the chinese were good at. The chinese made many great inventions that we still use today. Research shows that ancient chinese people drank beer and was even mentioned in oracle bone inscriptions as offerings to the shang dynasty. They figured out how to get from the regular 4%-5% proof by adding more cooked grain to the water during fermentation. By 1000 BC. they were able to get up to 11% proof. One thing that everyone uses today is the mechanical clock. The world 's first clock was invented by Yi Xing. Yi Xing was a buddhist monk and a mathematician. His clock was operated with water steadily dropping on a wheel that made a full revolution every 24 hours. Later on clocks were made with an iron and bronze system of hooks, pins, locks and rods, but still followed Yi’s clock design. Hundreds of years later in the Song Dynasty, Su Song, made a more sophisticated clock making him the ancestor of the modern clock. According to chinese legend tea was first drunk by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong around 2,737 BC. An unknown inventor created the tea shredder. It cut leaves into thin strips using a sharp wheel in the center of a ceramic wooden pot. During the Tang and Song dynasties, tea production

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