Ancient China And The Last Pharaoh Of Egypt Cleopatra

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Even though Tang Empress of China Wu Zetian, and the last Pharaoh of Egypt Cleopatra, both infamous female leaders of diverse cultures and time periods, their life and leadership consisted of both different and similar approaches to gaining, and later, ruling their empire. Similarly, both women renowned for their feminine appeal, which Empress Wu used to aid her rise to power. Cleopatra, well-known for her beauty and lustful behaviors, likewise used her womanly charm for political survival. Few other cultures contend with ancient China and Egypt during the reign of the two notorious female leaders, Empress Wu and Cleopatra.
Tang Empress of China, Wu Zetian did not always have that title, she started at the bottom of political power and worked her way to power by any means. Wu Zetian was born in 624 in Shanxi Province, her father meritorious chancellor of the Tang Dynasty. Wu Shihuo, Zetian father ensured that she receives a good education and know the proper skills. At 14, she has selected to Emperor Taizong’s Cai Ren was like a concubine, this was her first step into becoming Empress. Even though, Zetian was a Cai Ren she still adoration to the Prince Li Zhi. Once the current emperor died, Zetian carted off to the Ganye Temple to become a nun, it seemed that her plight was over. However, the prince adoration was still there and recalled Zetian back after becoming emperor himself. Now back in the palace, Zetian had a plan to get to power. Zetian had the two sons and a
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