Ancient China

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The Ancient Chinese are responsible for many inventions and contributions to the world. Some of their inventions and contributions include paper making, moveable type printing, gunpowder, compass, alcohol, mechanical clock, tea production, silk, practical umbrella, acupuncture, iron and steel smelting, porcelain, earthquake detector, rocket, bronze, the kite, the seed drill, row crop farming, toothbrush and paper money. We will take a look at 10 of these contributions and then choose the four that I believe are the most important. I will then choose one of the Ancient Chinese contributions that I cannot live without. The most prominent inventions are: * Gunpowder: The principle behind gunpowder was discovered by the Chinese in perhaps…show more content…
Gunpowder has changed the world, it is the basis for almost every weapon used in war from the time it was invented, it has made warfare very different and affected the way battles were and are fought, it is used as an explosive and has aided in the development of the modern world by making it easier to move mountains for development. The compass has spurred travel all around the world by allowing vessels to sail the sea and plains to fly across oceans, I question if we would have the global trade we have today if the compass was never invented. Row planting was a better way to plant, grow and harvest crops and has allowed mankind to farm more efficiently. Iron and steel smelting has allowed man to build bridges and structures that allow for easier travel and commerce. All four of these contributions have influenced the world we live in today and will continue to influence the future of our planet. As for me, the one invention I can’t live without is the mechanical clock. I have a strong need to know the time and be on time when I am traveling or have to be somewhere. I can’t stand to be late so if the mechanical clock had never been invented we would have watches or time clocks today and this could not only put my life in turmoil, it could alter the entire world as we know it because in some way we all depend on time. References Gill, N.S. 2013. “Top

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